NovoCyclo Cycling Team

NovoCyclo Cycling Team is a cyclist club based in the Community of Madrid.

Our goal is to recover the cycling tradition for the South of Madrid with a club capable of bringing together cyclists of all kinds and levels, a space to enjoy our favorite sport, without stress, without ties, only you, your bike and a group of friends that will accompany you on the road to your goals.

Join us now, put on the NovoCyclo jersey and get ready to enjoy a world of advantages:

  • Annual calendar of activities.
  • No registration fees or monthly payments.
  • Prémiun equipment at a very competitive price.
  • Allow to obtaining the federative license through the Club.
  • Discounts and exclusive promotions at NovoCyclo events just for being part of the Club.
  • Exclusive platform through the website of the Club and its Social Networks where to manage your needs.

NovoCyclo Cycling Team internal regulations

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