Stage 1

Departure Friday, June 28th, at 11:00 with 121 km ahead and 2850 m of positive unevenness.

Spectacular tour to welcome the participants. A first soft part will take us to Pola de Lena where we will begin to ascend the top of the Cobertoria to later face the climb to one of the great Asturian colossi, Gamoniteiru, then quickly descending to face another bestial and beautiful climb the Cruz de Linares, It should be noted that due to their extreme difficulty these two ports will be optional. Before returning to the hotel we will have to face a port of second category, La Vega, where at the end of it we can breathe in search of our well-deserved rest.

Etapa 1 Machacapuertos 2019

Salida Machacapuertos by NovoCyclo

Stage 2

Departure Saturday, June 29th, at 09:00 with 128 km ahead and 2600 m of positive cumulative unevenness.

After the great effort of the first stage, we find another climb whose summit joins the valleys of Teverga and Somiedo, San Lorenzo , a tremendous port where their numbers speak for themselves, 10 km almost to the 9% of average slope and maximum ramps that reach 17%. Later we can enjoy its endless descent and furrow the spectacular and famous "bear path" in search of the next ascent, Las Cruces , or in other words a cyclist trap where we will show again what we are capable, then we will go to the Hotel to reserve our legs for the final stage.

Etapa 2 Machacapuertos 2019

Briefing Machacapuertos

Stage 3

Departure Sunday, June 30th, at 09:00, with 74 km ahead and 2100 m of positive cumulative unevenness.

Alberto Contador made us dream in the stage that ended in the Alto del Angliru getting his last feat as a professional cyclist. Well, now our time has come. The layout of the last stage, honors this incredible milestone where after the two tremendous stages of the Machacapuertos 2019. Get the El Angliru trophy will only be within the reach of the bravest, sure we will get it and we will surely Know Gloria. Later we will descend to our meeting point where near the Hotel we have the Alto del Tenebredo which will be optional for those who still want more war.

Etapa 3 Machacapuertos 2019